Saturday, February 19, 2011

GAGA-1: The lovely sound of RTTY

For the first time today I tried receiving the RTTY transmitted by GAGA-1 and decoding it using DL-FLDIGI. It worked (first time!).

To illustrate the whole set up here's a little video. The radio I'm using is a Yaesu FT-790R II which I bought second-hand on eBay. This is an old radio, but it's sturdy and can do SSB at 70cm. Although it's a portable, I managed to buy one that had never been outside and it looks like it's been treated with great care. Thanks, eBay!

The flight computer is in a loop transmitting $GAGA-1 Test Transmission using 7-bit ASCII, with two stop bits, no parity at 50 baud.

Apologies for the shaky hand and blurry video. The combination of me + the iPhone's poor camera isn't great. Just listen to that lovely RTTY sound though.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... Sounds like the background noise in Luke Skywalker's den when he was cleaning up R2D2; and C3PO was taking an oil-bath ["Thank The Maker! This oil-bath will feel sooo good..."].

I'm not convinced its what he says it is. I suspect JGC has simply sampled the audio from Star Wars, and the rest of his presentation is fancy Photoshop-gadgetry. There's no such thing as a GAGA-balloon project, and this is all a sham. After-all, no one person is this talented - not evern the predigious Dr Sheldon Cooper! :)

Anonymous said...

What'se the difference between 'regular' Fldigi and DL-Fldigi?

I'm curious, my father uses Fldigi on Windows with Yeasu FT-987 (if I remember correctly) for RTTY.