Monday, February 07, 2011

Trademark scammers faster than company lawyers

I found out this morning that Causata's trademark had finally been registered in the US on February 1, 2011. It's number is 77,721,725.

I found out because the morning company mail contained three scam letters asking me to pay $2,692.50, £1,386.00 and $2,662.50 to "Patent Trademark Register", "World Intellectual Property Database" and "Register of Intermational Patents and Trademarks" all of which have addressed in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. The letters were posted in their home countries and arrived today.

All three letters give bank transfer information, and one has a URL: This is actually a pretty common scam. All of the letters look like invoices and clearly show the new Causata trademark, and all in the small print claim to not be invoices but solicitations.

The ironic part is that I haven't yet heard from the law firm who made the trademark application for us... I assume that some day soon they'll let me know that it has been registered.

Thanks, scammers!

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