Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Geek Atlas and Japan Disaster Relief

Today, March 22, my book The Geek Atlas is part of a special O'Reilly Deal of the Day. Here are the details:
O'Reilly, No Starch Press, and Tidbits will donate all revenues, less author royalties, from "Deal of the Day" sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Thanks to the Internet, we understand more deeply than ever that everyone on the planet is connected. The disasters that have hit Japan feel close to home, and those of us at O'Reilly, No Starch, and Tidbits want to do something to help the Japanese people recover and rebuild. We know many of you do, too. Working with the O'Reilly Tokyo office, we will ensure that your valued contribution goes to the relief of those most in need. We'll update the total amount donated throughout the day, as well as the final amount.
That's a great deal since all the revenue will go to the Japanese Red Cross. You can take advantage of this deal with the code DDJPN.

But there's one part that makes me uncomfortable. Although O'Reilly is giving almost every penny they receive to this cause, they are going to pay me my royalty. That's 10% of whatever people pay O'Reilly for the eBook of The Geek Atlas using that code.

I can't in good conscience promote this deal and then accept money. So, if you buy The Geek Atlas eBook today using that code please email me the receipt from O'Reilly and I will donate 10% of what you paid O'Reilly to the Japanese Red Cross so that 100% of what you pay to O'Reilly ends up helping victims of the earthquake and tsunami, and so that I don't profit from this disaster.

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