Monday, May 09, 2011

Next can-traption: Video Games Can-sole

So, to silence the people who keep asking "What are you going to do after GAGA-1?", here's the answer: I'm going to build a small video games console that fits inside a Marks and Spencer boiled sweet can. Here's a rough shot of the major parts:

That's an Arduino Pro, power switch, fire button, potentiometer, 9V battery, and two RCA connectors for composite video and audio.

Here's a shot of the can when it's closed. The potentiometer knob will be used to implement the games Pong and Breakout.

The video generation is going to be done entirely in software using Arduino TVout. Here's another shot showing the fire/select button.

On the back are the two RCA connectors for video and audio.

The tag for this project will be cansole.

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