Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mozilla starts using UseTheSource (or the beginning of a curated job board)

The fine folks at Mozilla have posted their first opening on UseTheSource. They, along with many others, have posted tons of jobs to the site since it started late last week.

The core idea behind UseTheSource is curation: I'm curating the people who have access to the site to post jobs (I don't curate the jobs themselves). The idea is to build up a trusted list of people who post real jobs at real companies with real contact information. Only actual hiring companies are allowed to post (no external recruiters or agencies).

There are two ways to get job posting rights on UseTheSource: be a high karma Hacker News member or ask me for access. After this initial period I will open up the site to other methods of joining.

Every job also has a comment thread associated with it. This is a good place to ask questions about the job itself to get clarity. Doing so brings benefits to the entire community who can learn more about the job and see the 'personality' of the company that's hiring.

Thanks, Mozilla. Here's their posting for a Web Product Engineer.

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