Monday, June 20, 2011

Updates to UseTheSource (marking jobs filled, filtering)

Thanks to everyone for feedback on my new jobs site UseTheSource. The first few days have seen 10,000s of page views, 108 job postings and lots of ideas.

Today's release of the site contains the following:

1. The ability to mark a job as 'filled'. There's a new 'filled' button next to any submissions that you make and clicking it means the job appears striked out in the list. Please use it! If you do fill a job because of UseTheSource please let me know; I'd like to be able to write up some success stories.

2. The ability to filter the jobs. This is achieved through the text box at the bottom of the page and returns the jobs matching the filter (just a simple keyword at the moment) in most recent order. For example, here are all the jobs mentioning Python. Each filter also has an associated RSS feed so you can watch a keyword (e.g. here's a feed of all the jobs at my company Causata.)

3. There's still the Google Custom Search box at the top for complex queries, but the filter functionality should make it redundant. I've reinstated the collapsible threads functionality.

4. There's now a change log page to go along with the house rules.

Keep the ideas coming!

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