Saturday, June 18, 2011

UseTheSource House Rules

I've made a number of changes to UseTheSource based on feedback. And I'd like to lay out some house rules:

1. Recruiters, agencies and other paid intermediaries are not welcome here. This is a peer-to-peer job site and any posting by recruiters or agencies will be killed and accounts used deleted. I have nothing personally against you, but this is not the site for you. Equally, jobs posted here are to be read and responded to by job seekers, not you.

2. The front page shows the newest jobs as they are posted. The popular page shows jobs that have been upvoted. Upvoting does two things: it makes UseTheSource remember that you are interested in a job (you will find the link to saved jobs in your profile page); upvoting also means that others can see which jobs the community things are interesting.

3. Employers who have posted a job should monitor comments on their jobs. There are already questions being posted and everyone will benefit if you answer these questions. This will help make UseTheSource a vibrant place.

4. Do not use the same password on UseTheSource as you use on Hacker News. That's silly and dangerous. Also, once you have submitted a job successfully you can remove the magic string from your Hacker News profile. UseTheSource will remember that your account has been validated (and you can see this status on your profile page).

5. Every job posting must have the company name and location specified. If you are in stealth mode, say so, but if you are a recruiter and are trying to game the system but not putting in a company name or something else you'll get banned. Do not post a job more than once in 60 days, do not post more than three jobs a week.

6. You may not link to a post on another job site (that includes Craigslist and Gumtree). This is to prevent recruiters using the system. If you are in stealth mode then post the full job description on UseTheSource and give a contact email address.

7. Provide contact information for people who want to apply for jobs.

8. You must have been a Hacker News user for more than a year or have a karma of great than 500. If you do not you cannot post jobs here, but you can do everything else. Welcome! Do not try to game Hacker News karma to get access to this site: you'll annoy me, get yourself banned and face the wrath of Paul Graham.

9. You may only post here if you are posting a job. You may not post that you are seeking work, or that your design agency/outsourcing etc. is looking for work. Wrong site. Go somewhere else.

10. When a job has been filled please click the 'filled' button next to the job
you submitted. That way others know that you are no longer hiring. If you filled the job because of this site please get in touch so I can post success stories.

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Erik240 said...

You're building a nice thing here for job seekers -- recruiters are the bane of IT (most of them). It would be nice if you required employers to post a salary range - most job seekers are already employed and won't go through an entire interview process without some idea that the pay scale is appropriate. I recently interviewed for a Senior position (I've 12 years experience) that had "competitive rates" in its job ad, and then was offered $48k/year.