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Text and video of my OSCON 2011 Keynote presentation

I was unable to attend OSCON 2011 to give my keynote because of travel problems. The folks at O'Reilly were kind enough to let me have a five minute slot in which I presented via video. Here's the video and the script I was working from. Alan Turing A name we should all be familiar with. Next year, Alan Turing would have been 100 years old, but he died woefully early aged 41. He is the father of computer science having described the Turing Machine : the fundamental computer that underlies the machines we use today. He is known for the Turing Test used to determine whether a machine can think. And his work during the Second World War breaking Nazi codes is celebrated at Bletchley Park . His life tells a story of a brilliant man. But his death tells the story of how prejudice snuffs out potential. How discrimination hurts us all. His story is relevant today and relevant at this conference. Alan Turing was gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the U

List of English words that can be spelt using elements from the periodic table

For example, alcoholic = "Al C O H O Li C". The longest word appears to be nonrepresentationalism. ach ago agy alb alf alk aln alo alp aly ami amy arc ark arn aro aru ary ash ask asp ass ati auh auk aus bab bac bag bah bal bam ban bap bar bas bat baw bay ben ber bes bey bib bin bis bob bon boo bop bos bow boy bra bub bun bus buy cab cag cal cam can cap car cat caw cay cep che chi cho cly cob con coo cop cos cow coy cro cry cub cup cyp ers ess fag fam far fat fei fen feu few fey fib fin fip fir flu fob fon foo fop fou fow foy fra fro fry fub fun gab gan gap gas gau gaw gay gen geo ges gey hag ham hat hau hei hen hep her hew hey hic hin hip his hob hoi hop how hoy hub huh huk hun hup hyp iba ibo ice ich icy ife ihi ila ind ink inn ino ion ira ire irk ism iso ita ivy iyo kat ker khu kin kip kob koi kon kop kos kou kra kru kui lab lac lai lak lan lao lap las law lay lif lin lip lis liv luo mob moi mon moo mop mou mow moy nab nag nak nam nan nap nar nat naw nay neb nef nei neo