Tuesday, February 07, 2012

So much for Google's Privacy Settings

Just the other day I deleted most of my online accounts and I set my Google Profile to "not visible in search":

And there on page 3 of Google search results for "John Graham-Cumming" what do we find:

Why, it's a Google+ profile (which I explicitly set to not appear in search results) for a Google+ account that I deleted. Clicking through we discover there's almost no information (because I deleted it), except for the totally brain dead:

Because it's not possible to not show your gender.

It looks like telling Google to not show my profile in search results was useless, the only option was to totally delete it which I have now done.


Anonymous said...

How long did you wait between changing settings and checking search results? Is there an implied or explicit amount of time it's expected to take between changing your settings and removal from search? I would not expect it to be instant, or even within 24 hours, honestly.

John Graham-Cumming said...

@David: there was a week between me making the change and me seeing that it was still in the search results today.

Abraham Williams said...

You can hide your gender on Google+ since July 12th.

Tim Likarish said...

Sometimes its hard to say good bye to a friend.