Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet Brad Bradstone, CEO of Yellow Yellow

Last week I wrote a parody post on Hacker News that made fun of the life hacker movement and of what I saw as the sort of oversharing that some startup founders and CEOs indulge in. To my surprise the post got almost 600 points and received 125 comments. Many of the comments expressed how funny people found it (especially the concept of double stealth mode) and some asked for more.

Hacker News isn't the right place for a continuing stream of such long posts, so I've created a blog for Brad Bradstone, the fictional CEO of New York, New York based startup Yellow Yellow. That blog is called Double Stealth.

This is a bit of an experiment because I may run out of time or inspiration in writing as Brad, but I hope people find it funny.  I would love to hear feedback from readers who enjoy it, or who have suggestions for things Brad might write about.

So far, he's written the following posts:

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