Monday, January 28, 2013

The greatest Google Mail feature you may not be using stopped working

Some time ago I published an incredibly popular post called The greatest Google Mail feature you may not be using. It showed how selecting text in a message and hitting reply caused just the selected text to be included in the reply. This is a great feature because it cuts down on recipients having to wade through gigantic messages and shows what you were actually replying to.

Some time last week this feature stopped working for many people. Including me.

To reenable you need to go to Labs in Google Mail. To do that, first go to Settings. And find Labs. Scroll down until you find the following entry called "Quote Selected Text".

Enable it and hit the Save Changes button.


Christopher Woods said...

This great feature's also baked into Thunderbird, which has become my de facto client of choice. (Outlook died in a completely coincidental fire many years ago, not looked back since!)

Albert Ross said...

Looks like they've killed off this off...