Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An itch I scratched: SnoozeTil

I really like to get email out of my inbox, but some emails I need to deal with later. So, what I wanted was a way to say "remind me about this tomorrow at 3pm" or "I don't want this in my inbox until next Thursday".

So, I built it.

Initially, it was just for me, but I think others might like to use it so I put a pretty face on it. The service is called SnoozeTil. You forward emails that you want 'snoozed' and type a plain English description as the first line of the forward.

And then you can archive the email knowing that it'll come back when you requested. This works by parsing the first line (the parser is quite flexible and fuller details are on the site) and then keeping track of the message Subject and Message-ID (the actual text of the message is not stored).

When the appointed time comes SnoozeTil replies to the message (with the appropriate Subject and Message-ID) which causes your email client to attach the message to the original message (or thread) and 'wake' it up.

Currently, I've only tested this with Thunderbird and Google Mail. YMMV but I would be happy to work with people to make it work for them.

Signing up is simple: send a message to SnoozeTil and that email address is registered. You get a unique forwarding email sent back to you.

PS People have pointed out that other similar services already exist. SnoozeTil is a little different because it doesn't store the emails forwarded to it (so no need to worry about their contents being revealed) and it support sophisticated dates/times such as using specific time zones. And SnoozeTil generates a unique email address for each user to prevent the service being used to spam.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I emailed [email protected] as directed by the home page to test it.

I got back:

The email address '' is not registered.
Please email [email protected] to register.

If you are already registered sending a message to [email protected] will remind you of your personal forwarding address.

John Graham-Cumming said...

@Unknown: try registering.

Ralph Corderoy said...

The about page, linked to in the footer, is 404.