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SIGINT Reading List

Recent news stories about how NSA and GCHQ operate have brought to light the world of SIGINT : signal intelligence. And many people are surprised that these secret organizations gather so much information looking for 'bad guys'. Putting aside the ethical or political considerations it's worth understanding that what's come to light does not appear to be particularly new. And so the intelligent reader might want to know more about this secret world. There are a number of books to recommend on the subject. Spycatcher Although Spycatcher, Peter Wright 's memoir, is mostly about his suspicion that Sir Roger Hollis was a Soviet spy, the book contains quite a bit of detail about electronic eavesdropping. Here's a small part about dealing with The Troubles : The only major recommendation I made was that we should devise a system of tapping the telephone lines of the Irish Republic. Lines across the border were well covered, but vital Provisional IRA communica