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Back on September 30, 2013 I decided to take a break from blogging and mothballed my site. Today I've restored everything. In the intervening time I've been pretty busy with... 1. Writing a ton of blog posts for CloudFlare (and doing all the actual work that goes into those blog posts). In particular, the posts about the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug involved a lot of work. 2. Speaking at various events including Codebits  in Lisbon;   GopherCon in Denver; a Many-to-Many  in London; Secure 2013 in Warsaw,  Virus Bulletin 2013  in Berlin and Yandex YaC in Moscow. There was also a day trip to Paris for a private conference in there somewhere. Here's my talk from GopherCon: 3. Working on small projects like a bike light that flashes in Morse Code , a Missile Commander Switch , and an Arduino-powered Hallowe'en lantern  and releasing new versions of the GNU Make Standard Library . 4. Discovering that the one true way in the gym is the way of the barbell. Some