Thursday, November 06, 2014

Some talks about the history of computing

Over the last few years I've done a number of talks that fall broadly under the umbrella of "History of Computing". Here are some videos for your enjoyment.

TEDxImperialCollege 2012: The Greatest Machine That Never Was

Computer science began in the '30s ... the 1830s. John Graham-Cumming tells the story of Charles Babbage's mechanical, steam-powered "analytical engine" and how Ada Lovelace, mathematician and daughter of Lord Byron, saw beyond its simple computational abilities to imagine the future of computers.

StrataConf 2012: The Great Railway Caper

The Great Railway Caper: Big Data in 1955

OSCON 2013: Turing's Curse

Looking back on 30 years of programming: there's nothing new since 1983. Examples and implications.

Wired 2014

Fear your subconscious, not tech

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