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GNU make insanity: finding the value of the -j parameter

The other day at work a colleague posed the seemingly innocent question "Can I find out the value of the GNU make -j parameter inside a Makefile?". Simple, right? Recall that -j (or --jobs ) specifies the maximum number of jobs that GNU make can run in parallel. You've probably used it to speed up a build by typing something like make -j16 . But it turns out the actual value supplied is not available in any GNU make variable. You can verify that by doing something like make -p -j16 which will dump out pretty much everything defined by GNU make and the Makefile. You won't find any reference to the -j16 anywhere. What follows falls into the "It's crazy, but it just might work!" category. But it is possible to calculate its value if you are willing push GNU make hard. Here's a Makefile that gets the value given to -j (or --jobs ) into a variable called JOB_COUNT .  There's quite a lot of magic in that Makefile. I'll explai