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The CloudFlare Internet Summit

This coming Thursday (September 15),  CloudFlare is holding its second Internet Summit  in San Francisco. This year, as I did last year, I will be on stage helping to moderate discussions. The summit is organized as a sequence of 'fireside chats' where one or two guests are on stage talking with someone from CloudFlare. Guests at the summit range from policy makers, to CEOs, to technologists. The goal is to talk about major issues affecting the growth, security and performance of the Internet worldwide. But without the talking being done by pundits, journalists or investors. The people invited to the summit are leaders, thinkers and doers, not professional talkers. Last Year Last year, for example, the President of Estonia  talked with CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince to talk about Estonia's push to be a digital nation. We also had Andrew Ng from Baidu and Carmen Chang from NEA sit down and talk about the relationship between CloudFlare and Silicon Valley.