Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sessions I moderated at the Cloudflare Internet Summit

In September of this year Cloudflare held its annual Internet Summit. I was asked to moderate three discussions. Videos of all the sessions have now been put online so folks who weren't able to attend in person (remember, it's free and open to the public), or watch the live stream aren't left out.

My three sessions were...

What Can We Expect from the Internet in 2020?

I sat down with Ilya Grigorik to talk about predictions for the Internet in 2020. Ilya is Web Performance Engineer at Google, author of High Performance Browser Networking and an expert on Internet performance.

Who Will Win the Cloud Wars?

It was a privilege to sit down with James Watters, SVP of Products at Pivotal, and John Engates, CTO at Rackspace to dig into what's happen with public and private clouds in the current 'cloud war'.

The Fastest and Most Secure Internet is Closer Than You Think

And, finally, Eric Rescorla from Mozilla and Jana Iyengar from Google (where he works on QUIC) sat down with me to talk about security and performance on the Internet.

Making an old USB printer support Apple AirPrint using a Raspberry Pi

There are longer tutorials on how to connect a USB printer to a Raspberry Pi and make it accessible via AirPrint but here's the minimal ...