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Cloudflare's SSL/TLS recommender on

The Plan 28 website is a small, static site that I really ought to move to Cloudflare Pages , but... currently it's running on a server that I rent. Since it uses SSL from Cloudflare I wanted to make sure that both the browser to Cloudflare and the Cloudflare to John's Server connections were encrypted.  So I dropped into the Cloudflare Dashboard to check the settings. Sure enough both connections were encrypted but it wasn't using the most secure option (Full (strict)) that requires a certificate on the server that Cloudflare can validate. That can either be one that Cloudflare issues or from a commercial or free CA. Recently, Cloudflare introduced a service that automatically discovers the highest possible security setting for SSL on a site. So I clicked the button... And let Cloudflare do its thing. Not long after I received an email saying that I could use Full (strict) already. Which was a bit of a surprise because I didn't remember setting up a valid certificate

Moving to Cloudflare Pages

At work there's a cool product for deploying websites that has great integration with GitHub, it's called Cloudflare Pages . I use and pay for a lot of Cloudflare products but hadn't got around to using Pages. The nudge came when an old friend from university who has been managing for 24 years(!) told me she'd like to decommission the server. The actual content on was originally generated by a Perl script that output static HTML. From time to time I'd modify the Perl, run it, and deploy the HTML using FTP. Really old school. Over time I moved to just running everything on the server without the FTP mess. And, in reality, most of the content on is on this blog, and that uses Blogger. So I decided to try Cloudflare Pages for the home page and go for the simplest possible page. It's all text and a single page and it looks like this: It's a single HTML file containing a small amount of CSS for the colours and a small amount of JavaScrip